Innovation Award for Health Care Leadership

This award recognizes the outstanding capabilities and achievements of a senior executive who has made innovation a focal point of his or her organization’s strategy in order to create high impact results.

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No recipient for 2017

2016 Recipient: Richard Tam

Mr. Tam’s visionary leadership fosters a culture of innovation that is changing the way healthcare is delivered now and into the future by:

Creating Canada’s first ‘Smart Hospital’.

Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital, expected to be completed in 2019/20, will become Canada’s first ‘Smart Hospital’, equipped with the most technologically-advanced equipment enabled by a fully integrated and connected ICAT (Information, Communication and Automation Technology) infrastructure. The new hospital will leverage a host of technological innovations that are context aware, personalized, and adaptive.

View our 2016 Celebrating Leading Practices booklet for more information about Canada's first 'Smart Hospital'.

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Past Recipients

Please see our past recipients listed below. Full biography's are available in our Celebrating Leading Practices booklets.

2016, Richard Tam

2015, Louise Bradley CHE

2014, Richard Alvarez

2013, Howard Waldner CHE

2012, Isabel Henderson