Nursing Leadership Award

The Nursing Leadership Award builds on the themes of patient-centred care and nursing leadership, and honours those who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to excellence in these areas.


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2017 Recipient: Fiona Karmali 

For 25+ years, Fiona Karmali has been dedicated to improving patient care. She has a reputation of creating positive collaborative environments, empowering individuals, and nurturing teams. Through her vision, programs have matured to be evidence-based and data driven, resulting in services based on patient need.

Fiona’s guidance to use standardized screening tools and clinical outcome measures has resulted in widespread patient benefits. Her clear vision of the nursing care model aligns with the College of Registered Nurses’ scope of practice changes and new nursing roles. With her fortitude, the organization has moved from low acceptance of Nurse Practitioners (NP) to funding 16 NPs over 15 months.

View our 2017 Celebrating Leading Practices booklet for Fiona’s full biography.


Past Recipients

Please see our past recipients listed below. Full biography's are available in our Celebrating Leading Practices booklets.

2016, Scott Robertson

2015, Sandra Lauck

2014, Patricia O'Connor FCCHL

2013, Doris Grinspun

2012, Theresa Fillatre CHE

2011, Lucie Tremblay AdmA, CHE