Fellowship Program Projects

This program is designed for experienced leaders who have gained a wide breadth of knowledge and experience at various management levels in the Canadian health system over their career.

Completion of the program represents a very significant milestone in a health leader's career. We encourage you to consider embarking on the road to Fellowship. Although it is a major undertaking, which requires effort and perseverance, it will stimulate your professional development and contribute to the field of health leadership.

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Ken Tremblay, FCCHL

Healthcare @ The Speed of Thought: Strategies for Transformative Leadership in a Digital World



Martin Beaumont, FCCHL

Updating an Organizational Plan: Strategic Leverage in Developing Leadership

Randy B. Gilbert, FCCHL

Exploring the Cultural Similarities That Exist Between Military and the Broader Healthcare Systems


Michael Harris

Michael Harris, FCCHL

Private Pay Long Term Care: A Sensible Option to Consider

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Don Juzwishin

Don Juzwishin, FCCHL

Social Media and Health Care Leadership: Implications, Issues and Opportunities


Don Philippon, FCCHL

The Leadership Imperative in Publically Funded Universal Health Systems

Owen Heisler, FCCHL

Three Ethical Case Studies

Victoria Ostler, FCCHL

Renewal of the Canadian College of Health Leaders Fellowship Program

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Samuel Campbell, FCCHL

Doing things differently: Changing Treatment Paradigms in Patient Flow through a Healthcare System

James Haney, FCCHL

Pursuing Enterprise Risk Management: A Local Roadmap for Canadian Health Care Leaders 

Martin Lees, FCCHL

An Analysis of the Change Management of Two Patient Safety Programs at Bluewater Health 

Patricia O'Connor, FCCHL

Improving Patient Safety Performance in Acute Care:  Reducing Falls, Pressure Ulcers and Unrelieved Pain

Gaetan Tarfdif, FCCHL

Implementation of a Safety Framework in a Rehabilitation Hospital

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Mary Russell, FCCHL

Development of Community Health Indicators and a Community-Wide Physical Activity Strategy

Yves Lachapelle, FCCLS

La mobilisation et le soutien des équipes  dans la mise en place d’une gestion par programme 


Alice Kennedy, FCCHL

Using Evidence-Informed Management to Optimize Staff Mix Decisions in Long-Term Care and Evaluate Employee/System and Client Outcomes


Maureen Cava, FCCHL

Development of a Professional Practice Framework for Toronto Public Health

Nancy Lefebre, FCCHL

Knowledge to Practice (K2P) Integrating the Use of Research Evidence in Decision-Making at Saint Elizabeth Health Care


Christine Penney, FCCHL

Improving Performance Management of Appropriate Care Delivery


Corinne Schalm, FCCHL

Developing and Implementing a Balanced Scorecard In a Longterm Care Organization

Andrea Seymour, FCCHL

Advancing Employee Engagement through Implementation of a Healthy Workplace Strategy

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Ronald Lindstrom, FCCHL

A community-based participatory approach to planning child and youth health services in North West British Columbia


Susan Smith, FCCHL

Impact Assessment: An Essential Component of Physician Resource Planning

Lynn Stevenson, FCCHL

Moving to a Culture of Safety In Community Home Health Care



John Hylton, FCCHL

Strategic Planning: Best Practices For Health Executives 



Nancy Fazackerley, FCCHL

Three Case Studies

Sidney Stacey, FCCHL

Physician Recruitment and Retention: Collaborative Marketing Strategies for Hospitals and Communities

Bruce Swan, FCCHL

Descriptive Thesis: A model Structure Utilizing the Continuum of Mental Health Service to promote integration, build new partnerships and collaborative practices for Mental Health Service Delivery

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Gaston Levac, FCCHL

Mentorship Project


John Borody, FCCHL

Evaluating Characteristics of Regional Healthcare Boards in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Mimi Lowi Young, FCCHL

Mentorship: A Management Leadership Development Option

Wendy Winslow, FCCHL

Guidelines for a Quality Practice Environment for Registered Nurses in British Columbia

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Normand Allaire, FCCHL

Mentorship: A Fellowship Option 



Kevin Mercer, FCCHL

The Impact of Evolving Health Information Networks on Health System Integration in Canada 

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