Chief Executive Officer


eHealth Saskatchewan - Regina, SK


Working together and pulling together will always lead to better outcomes. The challenge is to inspire and include every stakeholder with a clear and compelling vision of what’s possible.

A truly powerful healthcare system is fuelled by immediate and secure access to information from multiple sources. As CEO of eHealth Saskatchewan, you will engage and lead 600 people as you build this Crown Corporation into a benchmark organization. You will continue to develop a crucial network that supports clinical decision-making in support of the Province’s 1.13 million population. eHealth Saskatchewan is seen as a leader in Canada and is mandated to lead the process of consolidating Saskatchewan’s health system technology into a single provincial service that links physicians, labs, pharmacies, radiology, surgery, emergency rooms, hospitals, telehealth, electronic health and medical records.

Working closely with your Board of Directors, you will call on your partnership skills to serve a group of institutional clients that includes the Ministry of Health, the newly formed Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatchewan Medical Association, Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association, Athabasca Health Authority, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and 3S Health.

A thought leader and people leader, you will assemble a high performance senior executive team and encourage a high performance culture in your execution of an ambitious strategic plan. Provide leadership and guidance in the design, delivery, quality and measurement of products and services. Oversee marketing and brand strategy for eHealth Saskatchewan. Be its chief ambassador and principal liaison in the community. Always looking forward, you will identify new growth strategies and breakthrough innovative practices for the organization. Capitalize on advances in technology, social networks and remote work force alternatives to set new standards of excellence in ehealth. Ensure that the organization has progressive labour relations policies either planned or in place.

Here is a provincial mandate that’s large enough to attract the healthcare sector’s attention, but manageable enough to make transformation possible. With your senior management experience likely in a healthcare, government setting or business, you have acquired the broad strategic, operational and collaborative credentials you would need to guide eHealth Saskatchewan. Ready to be a pacesetter? 

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