11/21/2018 - Hamilton and Area Chapter Event

Cap-and-Trade: Projected Impact and Journey Forward (2 MOC I)


Date: November 21, 2018  
400 Golf Course Rd Conestoga Golf & Conference Centre
Conestogo ON N0B 1N0 


Event postponed!
Hamilton & Area Chapter and Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society
Cap-and-Trade: Projected Impact and Journey Forward

November 21, 2018
5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Conestoga Golf and Conference Centre
400 Golf Course Rd, Conestogo

In 2018, Ontario will spend over $60 billion on healthcare, including $20 billion on hospital programs, $5.6 billion for community programs, $4.1 billion on long-term care home programs and $2.1 billion on capital spending. This past July, the provincial government announced an end to Ontario's cap-and-trade program. This provincial initiative, part of a larger effort with Quebec and California, was designed to control carbon emissions through a market-based system: the government set a limit (i.e. a 'cap') on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions permitted, and businesses purchase or 'trade' on a limited pool of carbon emissions credits. The program also provided rebates to those that invested in special projects to reduce carbon emissions (e.g. energy-efficient homes and buildings). The province's Financial Accountability Office projects that cutting cap-and-trade programs will save Ontarians approximately $7.2 billion over the next four years, and there are estimates that the immediate consequence of cutting the cap-and-trade program is $3 billion in winding-down costs. Join us as we discuss emerging funding challenges across the health sector (including the potentially lost revenues from the cancellation of Ontario’s cap and trade), innovative/alternative sources of financing for capital-intensive projects and how health leaders can generate mechanisms for sustainability moving forward.

Featured Speaker: Roger Holliss, President, CHES and Director of Engineering & Biomedical Services, St. Mary's Hospital

Roger Holliss is the Director of Engineering & Biomedical Services for St. Mary’s General Hospital in Kitchener Ontario. St. Mary’s is a medium sized acute care hospital, and also cardiac center for the south-western Ontario region. Over the years, Roger has increased his influence both within his hospital and healthcare engineering as he now the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES) President for the Ontario chapter representing Ontario at the national CHES board. Being responsible for both the operational aspects of a hospital that has an average building addition age of almost half a century while developing long term future designs for the hospital provides an interesting challenge when evaluating the deployment of new technologies. This includes not only how infection control is managed both during construction and renovations but also as it applies to existing operational clinical practices within an existing building environment. However, there are opportunities to bridge new infection control technologies offerings with the older building; not just new builds. Roger has lead St. Mary’s through a number of various innovative infection control initiatives to do just that. Enough so that Roger Holliss was recognized by CHAIR in 2016 as one of Canada’s leading hospital engineers in the fight against hospital acquired infection.

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