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Bridgeable is an award-winning service design consultancy located in Toronto, Ontario. We work with individuals and organizations to create a more human world, one experience at a time.

We work across sectors—such as transit, government, healthcare, and financial services—to design high-quality strategies, experiences, and services. This work brings together stakeholders from different communities, departments, and stakeholder groups to design solutions that address complex problems, such as getting more people out of their cars and onto public transit, getting cancer patients access to life-saving drugs, and designing tools to help lower-income Americans make more informed financial decisions.
Our focus is on bridging the gap between insight and execution. We combine the disciplines of service design, behavioural economics, and business strategy in order to better understand how people interact with technology, how they are affected by policy and legislation, and what influences their behaviour. Through mapping, prototyping, and a host of other human-centered design activities, we build a deep qualitative understanding of people’s lived experiences. These insights are used to pinpoint moments within an overall service experience that can be improved to better address people’s needs or to promote more desirable behaviours.

We believe that understanding the connections among people, places, processes, and technologies is fundamental to successfully delivering valuable experiences. In our experience, this works best when diverse stakeholders are integrated into the process, allowing them to take ownership of the output. Through stakeholder co-creation—a core element of all Bridgeable projects—we create more human experiences for our clients, their employees, and their customers.

Bridgeable’s multidisciplinary team, which includes experts in behavioural economics, research, design, and strategy, brings insight, creativity, and rigour to every project. Approximately two-thirds of our staff hold advanced degrees—in social psychology, business strategy, industrial design, and cognitive neuroscience, to name a few. Our seasoned practitioners are respected in their fields, are skilled at traversing complexity and bringing clarity, and have deep practical field experience.