Life-long Members

Life-long members are retired and have been members for 25 consecutive years. In recognition and appreciation for their years of service, the College offers life-long members complimentary membership.

To become a life-long member contact our membership team at .

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Susan G Abermann, CHE
Member Since: 12/01/1988
Jill Ackerman, CHE
Member Since: 04/01/1989
Ken C Adams, CHE
Member Since: 02/01/1985
Bonnie J Adamson, FCCHL
Member Since: 08/01/1988
Normand A Allaire, FCCHL
Member Since: 05/24/1983
Antoinette Alleyne,
Member Since: 02/01/1991
Dianne E. Anderson, CHE
Member Since: 03/01/1989
Keith G Anderson, CHE, FACHE
Member Since: 03/17/1983
Shirley Andrews, CHE
Member Since: 06/01/1989
John Andruschak, CHE
Member Since: 05/01/1987
Stephen B Anema,
Member Since: 03/01/1989
Dan Arseneau, CHE
Member Since: 07/29/1983
Margaret Bachle, CHE
Member Since: 02/01/1988
Frank N Bagatto, CHE
Member Since: 04/13/1977
William Bain, CHE
Member Since: 02/23/1976
Mark M Balcaen, CHE
Member Since: 08/09/1984
Michael Barkley, CHE
Member Since: 04/01/1992
Wayne A Barnett, CHE
Member Since: 11/27/1981
Jean Bartkowiak, CHE, AdmA
Member Since: 10/18/1984
William C Bell, CHE
Member Since: 06/01/1985
Marilyn C Benn, CHE
Member Since: 08/01/1990
Kevin C Beresford, CHE
Member Since: 05/01/1990
Elaine M Berthelet, CHE
Member Since: 03/31/1982
Lynette Best, CHE
Member Since: 02/01/1987
Aslam Bhatti,
Member Since: 06/01/1990
Michel A Bilodeau, FCCHL
Member Since: 12/01/1986
Linda M Bisonette, CHE
Member Since: 08/01/1995
R Greer Black,
Member Since: 01/02/1980
Peter B Blackie, CHE
Member Since: 07/01/1989
Bernard V Blais, CHE
Member Since: 05/01/1987
Wayne Blazieko,
Member Since: 02/01/1991
William G Bloor, CHE
Member Since: 11/01/1988
Ronald J Bodrug, CHE
Member Since: 06/07/1973
Suzanne Boggild, CHE
Member Since: 06/01/1986
John A Borody, FCCHL
Member Since: 05/01/1986
Henry Z Borowski,
Member Since: 09/01/1996
Michael Boucher, CHE
Member Since: 04/27/1977
Sandra M Boudreau, CHE
Member Since: 02/22/1983
John Boyd,
Member Since: 01/09/1976
Allan B Bradley, CHE
Member Since: 12/21/1983
Audrey B Bridgewater,
Member Since: 12/01/1986
Claire Ann Brodie, CHE
Member Since: 09/01/1992
Carol A Brown, CHE
Member Since: 10/01/1984
Donald U Brown, CHE
Member Since: 01/21/1977
Kenneth E Brown, CHE
Member Since: 01/14/1983
Virginia A Brown,
Member Since: 03/01/1989
Ronald F J Browne, CHE
Member Since: 03/16/1976
Shirley M Browne, CHE
Member Since: 05/01/1984
Francis W H Brunelle, FCCHSE, FACHE
Member Since: 10/01/1981
John W Budgell, CHE
Member Since: 10/31/1980
Joe J. Buller,
Member Since: 04/01/1987
Susan T Burns,
Member Since: 03/01/1987