McGill University

International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL)

The International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL), leading to the degree of Master of Management, is a program within the EQUIS-accredited Desautels Faculty of Management and in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine at McGill. The IMHL is a learning community for managers and clinicians from around the world who wish to enhance their leadership and managerial skills.  The program consists of five modules each focused on a particular leadership “mindset,” as well as a managerial exchange.  The IMHL believes that the greatest hope for the improvement of health lies in a deep understanding of how the entire health field works, coupled with a sophisticated appreciation of its management. The program's unique approach uses the classroom as a thoughtful and ongoing international forum to advance key issues in the field of health care worldwide.  

As a forum for collaboration among health care practitioners, the IMHL aims to create lasting change for institutions by bringing into focus how individual clinicians and managers are situated within networks of care, and how they can work within their organizations and communities to respond to the growing challenges facing health care. Participants work in all manner of health care organizations, including hospitals, community care organizations, public health, government ministries, international agencies, pharmaceutical companies and foundations. The program is unique in that it is rooted in practice. The learning comes from colleagues in the program as much as from faculty. The IMHL helps health care practitioners to draw on the strengths of their teams, improve their own effectiveness and collaborate with other caregivers, as well as with providers, hospital administrators, NGOs, public policy officials and community groups.