Eastern Health - Learning LEADerS Program

Health care organizations globally are facing significant challenges to ensure capable and sustainable leadership that meets growing demands in an increasingly complex health context. Leaders at Eastern Health are stewards of approximately $1.4 billion of public funds and are entrusted with the delivery of high quality and safe health services. Considering the impact of leadership practice on an organization’s overall effectiveness and ability to meet current and future requirements, Eastern Health, has identified effective leadership as a strategic and operational imperative.

With an expectation to achieve more with less, it is critical that organizations invest in the development of their most valuable resource - their people. Our health system requires evolved leadership. Leaders who are not only experienced and confident in their fields, but leaders who are invested in personal growth and development and committed to continuous learning. Our system requires leaders who are self-aware, values-driven, reflective, vulnerable and authentic. Leaders who are listeners. Leaders who encourage calculated risk-taking to foster the creativity and innovation necessary to achieve and surpass desired results.

The intent of this Program Overview is to provide:
  • an understanding of the intent of Eastern Health’s Leadership Development Program
  • an overview of the selection and developmental processes
  • clarification of key roles and responsibilities