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CCHL Southern Alberta Chapter: Leaders Supporting the Community

June 24, 2020

With COVID-19 transforming the way we live and work, the Canadian College of Health Leader’s Southern Alberta Chapter (CCHL-SAC) knew healthcare leaders and their teams were working hard to keep patients and communities safe.

CCHL-SAC had to make the tough decision of postponing their May annual general meeting (AGM). Even though the chapter executive members were overwhelmed in managing the crisis in their own workplaces, they knew they had an opportunity to host an event and support health leaders during this time.

Seeing the news and emails flooded only with pandemic related content, the CCHL-SAC chapter executive wanted to bring a message of hope for healthcare leaders. “Knowing health leaders are leading teams that are struggling in this difficult time, we wanted to support them in how they can bring fun and levity back into their teams” said Ali Abid, CCHL-SAC chapter executive member.

Karen Bowen, Principal at ManagerKnowHow (MKH), who has over a decade of experience in speaking on leadership and team building, was invited to speak by the Chapter. She delivered an interactive national CCHL webinar to over 90 attendees from across Canada on May 26, 2020. Karen’s key message was that leaders can bring fun back in the workplace by being authentic, vulnerable and taking time to build relationships.

“Recognizing the impact COVID has had on Canadians, our chapter executive felt it was important that we give back to the community and support those who are affected by this crisis” said Mike Lamacchia, CCHL-SAC Chapter Chair. “Hence, we decided to donate all tickets sales, close to $1,200, to the Calgary Food Bank. We were amazed at the response from our CCHL leadership community and how we can come together in this difficult time to support each other.” The chapter hopes to continue to provide health leaders an opportunity to support their local community and do good.

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