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Advancing innovation: Envisioning precision health in Canada

June 6, 2023 @ 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM EDT / HAE

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Location: 1 Harbour Square, Toronto ON Canada M5J 1A6

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Precision health represents a new approach to health care delivery, one where care and interventions are tailored to patients’ genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. The approach requires a focus on each patient as an individual, in contrast to the traditional medical model: one-size-fits-all medicine. Under the precision health umbrella, precision medicine, informed by ‘omics data is most advanced. However, on the horizon are other precision approaches that will emerge as data from a variety of sources is integrated and analyzed. Data sources include, but are not limited to, family health history, personal health-tracking devices, social media, genome sequencing, tumor profiling, pharmacogenomics, and administrative and geographic information systems.

Although the science behind precision health is advancing rapidly, we know less about the operational implications of precision health. Even with limited knowledge about operationalization, we can anticipate that transformations will be required at individual, program, organizational, and system levels to unleash the potential of precision health. A precision health future will require system transformation through collective efforts.

In this 90-min workshop, participants will learn about precision health and will discuss and explore the implications of precision health futures using Strategic Foresight tools. Participants will leave the workshop with:

  1. An understanding of the research behind, possibilities of, and considerations around precision health
  2. Tools to explore alternative futures
  3. Information about potential system (e.g., policy, legislative, funding), organizational (e.g., program, structure, process) and individual level (e.g., patient, health care provider) transformation
  4. Insights into how collaboration and coalitions will help advance transformation

Target audience: The workshop will be of interest to senior leaders and middle managers, who together, and with clinicians, will make decisions in relation to which precision health innovations will be tested, and if evidence supports, implemented across Canada’s complex health care environment. Emerging leaders may find this workshop interesting as it will provide glimpses into the challenges of advancing precision health in our complex health environment and how paths forward can be designed.

Presentation Level: Beginner, intermediate. No prior knowledge of precision health or advancing innovation is required.

LEADS Framework Domains: System transformation, engage others, develop coalitions.


About the UCalgary Precision Health Online Master’s Degree

The Cumming School of Medicine, Precision Health Program is an innovative program in a growing field, designed to meet the professional development needs of current and future healthcare practitioners across Canada and internationally. This program strengthens knowledge and skills in Precision Health and supports role integration in areas such as advanced clinical skills, data science, entrepreneurship, organizational leadership, research, education, professional development, and consultation to impact patient, provider, and health system outcomes.

Started in September 2021, the Precision Health Master’s Degree is an online, laddered credential for working professionals, which culminates in a student-led, real-world project with community and academic partners. Built around the goal of co-produced care, the curricula is designed to meet the needs of experienced and emerging leaders in complex health environments.

You can specialize in one of the following four areas:

  • Quality & Safety Leadership gives clinicians and clinical administrators the operational and leadership skills to implement effective quality improvement and safety initiatives within health care organizations. Students learn how to measure and improve the delivery of care to optimize outcomes for patients. You will also learn how to effectively respond when outcomes have not been optimal.
  • Health Professions Education Leadership prepares leaders for the ever-changing world of health education with an evidence-based approach to curriculum design, delivery, implementation, and evaluation. Students learn how to lead and adapt teaching and assessment practices in response to changing contexts, new research, and advancing technologies.
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship is for those who want to make change happen by developing and implementing precision health innovations (products, services, ventures and organizations) to improve patient care and contain costs. Students work with experts from the Haskayne School of Business and Cumming School of Medicine to identify and develop innovative solutions and viable business models for the healthcare industry. Students also learn what it means to test and implement novel solutions within the healthcare context and about technology development processes.
  • Precision Medicine is for those who want to explore technologies in precision health and how they can be used to guide clinical decision-making. For example, how can genomic markers be used to personalize prescription drugs and dosages? How can we identify heritable health vulnerabilities that can be addressed preventatively? How can health care professionals utilize Artificial Intelligence tools to support their practices?

Application deadline for the Fall 2023 cohort: May 31, 2023

For more information, please email prehgrad@ucalgary.ca or visit our website.