Certifications et licences LEADS

With the internal certification of either a Certified LEADS Specialist or Organizational LEADS Debrief Coach, the certified individual’s organization is eligible to purchase an Organizational LEADS License at $1575 for a term of three years.

Entitlements of the Organizational LEADS License:

  • Access to LEADS content found within the LEADS in Caring Environment Framework including domain names, domain capabilities and behaviours.
  • Use of the distinction as and title of “LEADS Licensed Organization” while licensed.
  • Access to the LEADS online self-assessment for all current staff, organization-wide
  • Access to online resources, research and discussion forums for organizational development representatives
  • As part of the LEADS Community, organizations with a LEADS License are asked to share resources and experiences and consider participating in LEADS-based leadership development research when requested

Purposes of the Organizational LEADS License:

  • for non-commercial, internal use within an organization;
  • for talent development and organizational culture programs, including performance reviews, job descriptions and succession planning; and
  • for development and promotion of LEADS-based leadership programs provided by currently certified individuals, Certified LEADS Specialists and Organizational LEADS Debrief Coaches (insert link)

The organization is required to have a valid and current Certified LEADS Specialists (CLS) and the certified individual(s) are required to maintain certification through a renewal process every three years in order for an Organizational LEADS license to remain valid.  The cost of the license renewal is $1575 for another three-year licensing term.