Programme d’optimisation des équipes de santé de l’Ontario

Faciliter une collaboration et une communication préliminaires pour favoriser la réussite à long terme

Se programme est disponible seulement en anglais.

The imminent arrival of Ontario Health Teams (OHT’s) presents new opportunities for truly impactful health system transformation.

Forming collaborative relationships and coalitions from the outset within each OHT is essential to achieving the vision of integrated, innovative, efficient, and optimized services. Many specific details regarding governance, funding, culture, human resources, and other issues are being entrusted to the OHT’s themselves to determine, which provides an opportunity for a fresh approach to integrated healthcare.

This three-part program sets the stage for enabling and empowering OHT partner organizations to maximize this unique opportunity and work effectively together. The purpose is to provide a space to articulate individual partner identities, form the foundation for a collective OHT identity, and create the beginnings of a strategy moving forward, as well as highlighting operational essentials.

  • accelerating a deep understanding of each stakeholder’s values, strengths, concerns, and potential contributions to the OHT;
  • facilitating discussions to provide the foundation for development of their OHT identity and culture;
  • identifying key priorities for the OHT members to collaborate optimally; and
  • identifying essential next steps, operationally and in terms of involving key stakeholders.

The provision of a neutral space for all OHT partners, designed and supported by LEADS Canada facilitators, will create opportunities for constructive discussion of critical strategic areas in the infancy of the new coalition.


A senior-level representative from each partner organization of the new and forming OHT teams are the intended audience of this program.

Program Format

  1. Pre-workshop survey
    1. Feedback gathered pre-workshop from 2–3 representatives from each organization within the OHT (survey to be co-designed with CCHL representatives and OHT representatives to ensure accuracy and context)
    2. Survey completed online and responses are aggregated
  2. Half-day workshop facilitated by two LEADS Canada facilitators.
  3. A report completed by the LEADS Canada facilitators based on the aggregated survey results and the workshop dialogue, accompanied by an explanatory webinar

Optional: Second half-day workshop (at an additional cost)


Pre-workshop questions to be circulated to 2–3 representatives from each organization ahead of time and completed through an online survey as a stakeholder analysis. Responses will be aggregated and will guide the dialogue during the half-day session.

Sample pre-workshop questions:

  1. What are the core values of your organization?
  2. What are the potential gains or opportunities arising from the OHT?
  3. What are your biggest concerns about the OHT?
  4. What unique contribution could your organization make to the OHT?

Half-day Workshop: OHT Individual and Collective Values, Identities, Priorities, and Next Steps

With the goal of generating a deep awareness of the other partner organizations, this session will bring representatives from all partners in the OHT together for a facilitated dialogue guided by the information collected through the survey. Core values, potential gains and opportunities, priorities, concerns, and unique contributions will be discussed. Participants will extend their individual organizational perspectives and identities to provide the beginnings of a collective OHT identity, respectful of each partner organization’s strengths and contributions.

Synthesis and Key Priorities Report

Following the workshop, a written synthesis report will be compiled that builds on the survey results, individual feedback, and group discussions. In addition to a synthesis of the topics raised in the  first workshop, the report will also clearly highlight key priorities for the OHT moving forward, strategically and operationally. The report will provide a tangible takeaway for the partners and will provide deep insights into the makeup of the coalition and the most significant opportunities for solidification of partnerships. The report will be supplemented with a webinar to provide insight and suggestions on next steps for the OHT.


The program cost is $12,600.00 + tax, shared between all OHT members (CCHL can distribute individual invoices, for example, to 30 members of the OHT at $420 per member), and includes:

  • Oversight, development, and facilitation by two LEADS Canada facilitators
  • Survey customization, distribution, and compilation
  • Half-day facilitation
  • Written report
  • CCHL hosted one-hour webinar
  • All facilitator travel and expenses (within the CCHL Travel Policy)

Workshop #2: Addressing Key Priorities for the OHT (optional)

Additional session(s) could be added to address the top three priorities for the OHT. We would only consider adding this workshop if we could adequately address the priorities in a half-day session. The report would be extended based on this session to include key points and next steps.

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