CCHL’s Announces it’s First Certified LEADS Specialist (CLS) Graduate

April 19, 2023

In October 2022, the Professional and Leadership Development team at CCHL redesigned and launched its core LEADS certification program for internal leadership champions wishing to integrate LEADS in their organization. Known as the Certified LEADS Specialist (CLS) program. The completion of the program signifies and acknowledges a commitment to deeper leadership learning using the LEADS framework at its root. A Certified LEADS Specialist is awarded with a completion certificate and access to a license to use and integrate LEADS in existing and developing leadership development workshops and programs, as well as into performance and talent management resources and tools, enhancing internal systems within their organization.

We are thrilled to announce the first graduate of the Certified LEADS Specialist program, Anthony Meloche, Leadership Onboarding and Learning Coordinator at Windsor Regional Hospital. Anthony successfully completed the two phases of the program which included case study reflections and the submission of a LEADS in Action project. Anthony’s focus on continuous learning and perseverance moved him swiftly through the program, and well within the allotted 6-month completion timeframe!

Well done and a huge congratulations to Anthony. With his certification, Windsor Regional Hospital became eligible to purchase an Organizational LEADS License and is now considered a “LEADS Licensed” organization.

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