Congratulations to the 2019 3M Health Care Quality Team Awards Recipients

April 1, 2019

The Canadian College of Health Leaders and 3M Canada Company are proud to announce that the recipients of this year’s 3M Health Care Quality Team Awards are Providence Health Care and North York General Hospital.

Providence Health Care (PHC) is the recipient of the 3M Health Care Quality Team Award (Within an Organization). The Megamorphosis project is PHC’s residential care’s movement to transform from an institutional to a social model of care, and to improve the lives of residents, staff and families. Using the novel methodology of human-centred design, Megamorphosis focussed on increasing the engagement of each resident through the following principles: emotional connections matter most, residents direct each moment, and home is a feeling. PHC has seen sustained increases in positive and social emotional connections between staff and residents, increased personalization of resident spaces, and increased resident engagement in every day activities.

North York General Hospital (NYGH) is the recipient of the 3M Health Care Quality Team Award (Across a Health System). Recognizing that the complexity of breast cancer treatment necessitates a more collaborative and integrated approach to care and treatment, a passionate team of inter-professional providers and a patient advisor came together, and through extensive consultation co-designed the NYGH Breast Cancer Integrated Care Collaborative (ICC). Using an innovative approach to link medical and support services together, with evidenced-based practice as a lever for change, the ICC was developed to provide a seamless, integrated patient- and family-centered care approach from diagnosis to survivorship.

The 3M Health Care Quality Team Awards recognizes three important elements: innovation, quality and teamwork. 3M Canada Company encourages institutions and healthcare providers to embrace quality management by developing innovative approaches that bring about sustainable improvement.

These awards, sponsored by 3M Canada, are part of our CCHL National Awards Program and will be presented at a luncheon in Toronto on June 11 during the 2019 National Health Leadership Conference (NHLC).

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