Healthcare Management Forum authors write about funding models

November 1, 2019

The November edition of Healthcare Management Forum is devoted to funding models.

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Read Stephen Petersen’s blog entry about his vision for modernizing the ways in which healthcare is organized and reimbursed and for using evidence and evaluation as the backbone for iterating new models. Petersen is the Lead of Clinical Efficiency and Payment Models for Health Quality Ontario.

On Dec 1, look for the blog entry by Braden Manns about strategic clinical network in Alberta, and how they will use these to improve the health of Albertans for the next five years. Braden is a Professor in Health Economics and a Nephrologist at the University of Calgary in the Departments of Medicine and Community Health Sciences.

Watch as Kristine Votova talks about implementation science and how internal and external knowledge can inform implementation initiatives. She and her co-author, Brenda Wilson, believe that the choice of practice improvement intervention should be based on a diagnostic assessment of barriers, evidence and resources. Kristine is the Project Director with the Department of Research and Capacity Building at Island Health. 

Watch a preview of the article by Chris McCabe as he discusses bias in the decision-making related to health technology assessment and how health leaders can avoid promoting inequitable and inefficient access to healthcare. Chris is Executive Director and CEO of the Institute of Health Economics.

Join us on November 13 (12:00-1:00 p.m., EST) for a webinar with Dawn Waterhouse , CHE, as she and her co-author outline the results of a healthcare research impact survey conducted in two Health Authorities in British Columbia. A tailored research impact framework formed the basis for the survey and was used to collect quantitative and qualitative data from a sample of employees and academic faculty who had completed research in both health authorities. Dawn is the Research Business Manager at Island Health.

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