Juliet Batke, CHE discusses how CCHL has aided her growth as a healthcare leader

February 1, 2022

Juliet Batke, Regional Program Planning Lead for the Regional Surgical Program at Vancouver Coastal Health, has over 15 years of healthcare experience, including 10 years in the field of clinical research in the area of spine oncology and spine trauma. Her drive to increase her understanding of healthcare lead her to complete her Master of Health Science in Health Administration from the University of Toronto in 2016. Juliet brings a unique combination of project management, research and quality improvement to the Regional Surgical Program at Vancouver Coastal Health where she is responsible for supporting all of the surgical sites within her health region.

Being a patient on a number of occasions herself, along with caring for ill family members, Juliet has seen and experienced many opportunities for improvement in the health system. Although it is a large system with many players, she wants to use her unique set of skills and experiences to play a leadership role in improving healthcare delivery and care for patients.    

Juliet’s leadership has been instrumental within the Regional Surgical Program at Vancouver Coastal Health. A few highlights include: developing a forum for peri-operative managerial leaders across the health region to come together, collaborating with GI endoscopy nurses and managers to create and update patient education material, and supporting surgical sites in the Vancouver Coastal Health Region during the COVID-19 pandemic. Surgical services have been impacted to varying degrees throughout the pandemic. Juliet’s attention to detail and excellent relationship-building skills were invaluable in the implementation and communication of regional surgical strategies and key Ministry of Health surgical directives. She feels privileged to work with such supportive administrative and medical leaders across the region. 

Juliet first learned of the CCHL when she was a Master’s student and it sounded like a terrific way to network with, and learn from other health experts. The BC Lower Mainland Chapter, in particular, is recognised for its mentorship program and high-quality speakers at events, both of which she found appealing. “The College has been pivotal in my development as a healthcare leader. When I first saw the call for nominations for the Chapter Executive, I was a bit hesitant to apply – I thought that perhaps I did not yet have enough experience working in healthcare to contribute.” With the encouragement of her mentor, she put forward her nomination and was voted in as a Chapter Executive member. 

She also stated that it has been a privilege to work with so many dedicated individuals from various areas over the years on the Chapter Executive. Being able to share the benefits of CCHL and promote the BC Lower Mainland Chapter to potential members and her local sponsors has also been a highlight for her. “In addition to working with members from my own Chapter, as Chair I also had the opportunity to collaborate with health leaders from other Chapters. The Chapter Advisory Committee meeting in St. John’s Newfoundland where I hobbled around with one ankle in an air cast was a particular highlight. Being involved in my local Chapter is very important to me, because it is an opportunity to support the development of up-and-coming health leaders as well as a way to share the learnings of experienced health care leaders with others.” Juliet sees Chapter involvement as a way to give back to the community of healthcare leaders. She enjoys being able to facilitate the relationship building of health leaders from various sectors and across career stages. 

Juliet has led the BC Lower Mainland chapter in drafting a strategic work plan and is a member of several working groups, including the finance, sponsorship, and program planning working groups. She’s also helped the BC Lower Mainland Chapter Executive “pivot” its focus during COVID-19 while still delivering many of the crucial events that college members have come to anticipate. Juliet has represented the BC Lower Mainland Chapter at the national level as Chapter Chair, and she is committed to involving the chapter executive in decision-making. Juliet’s unwavering commitment to the CCHL Chapter of BC Lower Mainland won her the Distinguished Service Award from the CCHL Chapter in 2021.