Certified LEADS Specialist (CLS) Certification

A Certified LEADS Specialist (CLS) may design, deliver, and evaluate LEADS learning opportunities and resources within their organization. Through integration of LEADS learning and through the development of practices that sustain LEADS across the organization, a CLS will champion LEADS and become a valued resource for organizations, opening the pathway for an organization to become “LEADS licensed”.

The Certified LEADS Specialist (CLS) certification is designed to:

  • Provide potential candidates with an affordable, self-lead and readily available option for certification to continue their LEADS work and integration internally.
  • Accommodate timelines for completion at a pace that can be aligned with the candidates’ needs.
  • Provide qualified individuals with the ability to champion LEADS within their organization, as well as provide the certified individual’s organization with the option to purchase an Organizational LEADS License for use organization wide. The license provides access to the framework, its capabilities, and behaviours, and can be used to suit the organization’s goals and needs. The CLS may have areas of specialization where they may wish to apply their skills to integrate LEADS learning and LEADS concepts, for example in facilitation of LEADS-based workshops and sessions, or in the integration of LEADS within existing leadership development, performance management and succession planning programs, tools, or resources.

CLS Certification Entitlements

  • Certified LEADS Specialist Certification for three (3) years;
  • Certified LEADS Specialist license and completion certificate.
  • A Learning and Development Plan (LDP) for completion prior to certification renewal.
  • Permission to integrate LEADS within their organizational systems.
  • Organizational LEADS license available for certified CLS’s organization at additional cost of $1575 for three (3) years

For further information

For more information on bringing a LEADS certification program internally to your organization, please contact Tracy Wightman, Manager, Professional & Leadership Development Programs.