How to Apply

CLS Application Registration Process

Registration Requirements – if eligible, candidates are required to provide the following at time of registration:

  • Certificate or documented proof of completion of a LEADS Learning Series (LLS), the online LEADS Leadership Foundations (LLF) program, the online LEADS Inspired Leadership (LIL) (or the independent LEADS and Leadership Development Learning Mapping Form)
  • HR/OD experience or role in current position;
  • Certification Fee

Applications will be reviewed and successful applicants will be notified by email of their eligibility to participate in the certification program. Should your application not meet the eligibility requirements or if additional information is required, a Canadian College of Health Leaders representative will contact you.

Next steps regarding certification program requirements will be provided to successful applicants.


Certified LEADS Specialist (CLS) Certification Program:

Non CCHL Members: $3,715.00 + tax*
CCHL Members: $3,215.00 + tax*

*NOTE: Not included in the program is the required textbook for completion of the Phase One assignment: Bringing LEADS to Life in Health: LEADS in a Caring Environment by Graham Dickson and Bill Tholl (2nd Edition, 2020), Chapters 12 &13. If a candidate does not already have this book, it can be purchased as an e-file or in hard copy through the CCHL Bookstore; All other assignments, templates and readings are provided.  

After successful completion of the application form, you will be directed to the payment page where you will have the opportunity to also purchase a 3-year Organizational LEADS License for $1575.

For further information

If you have any questions about this program please contact Tracy Wightman, Director, Professional and Leadership Development programs.