Chapter Awards for Distinguished Service

This award provides an opportunity for chapters to recognize locally and nationally the individuals or corporate members who have made a significant contribution to their chapter.

2019 Recipients

Colleen McEachern, CHE
BC Interior


Kris Gustavson 
BC Lower Mainland

Brent Van Buskirk, CHE 


Jennifer Proulx, CHE
Eastern Ontario

Sonia Jacobs  
Greater Toronto Area


Sarrah Lal 
Hamilton and Area

Marilyn Robinson, CHE


Andrea Reibmayr, CHE 
NEON Lights

Daniel Ayotte, CHE  


Nancy Hughes
Southern Alberta

Julie Campbell 
Southwestern Ontario


Bart Johnson, CHE 
Vancouver Island, CHE



Past Recipients

Please see our past recipients listed below. Full biography's are available in our Celebrating Leading Practices booklets.

2014, Alan Chapple

2014, Paul Gallant CHE

2014, Catherine MacPherson CHE

2014, Gino Picciano CHE

2014, John Patcai CHE

2014, Peter Conteduca

2014, Richard Joly CHE

2014, Hilary Dogbeson CHE

2014, Gary Buchanan CHE, FACHE

2014, Sharon Brissette CHE

2014, Joseph Verga CHE

2014, James Graham

2012, David Thompson CHE

2013, David Weger

2013, Annette Down CHE

2013, Bryan Herechuk CHE

2013, Dianna Korol CHE

2013, Mireille Lanouette CHE

2013, Juliette Nicholas

2013, Angèle St-Jacques

2013, Grace Bole-Campbell CHE

2012, Suzanne Boudreau-Exner

2012, Brenda Worth

2012, Wendy Nicklin CHE, FACHE

2012, Jatinder Bains CHE

2012, Peter Szota CHE

2012, John Borody FCCHL

2012, Stephen Jackson CHE

2012, Rick Prowse

2012, Paula Rozanski CHE

2012, Nancy Guebert

2011, Diane Lemon CHE

2011, Heather Wolfe CHE

2011, Allan Katz

2011, Susan (Sue) Owen MHSC, CHE

2011, Bryan Herechuk CHE

2011, Marilyn Robinson CHE

2011, Sarah Quackenbush

2011, Walton Waller CHE

2011, Pat Coish-Snow CHE

2011, Terrence Meehan CHE, AdmA

2011, Barbara Major-McEwan CHE

2015, Michael Redenbach CHE

2015, Peter MacKinnon CHE

2015, Elena Holt CHE

2015, Jillian Flower

2015, Lucie Tremblay AdmA, CHE

2015, R McGeorge CHE

2015, Karen Baillie FCCHL

2015, Bernard Blais CHE