National Awards Advisory Committee

The National Awards Advisory Committee’s (NAAC) mandate includes both a strategic and an operational focus. Membership includes board members, chapter chairs, corporate and individual members. The NAAC reviews proposals for new awards for submission to the Board of Directors for final approval; reviews existing awards on an ongoing basis; recommends ways to improve the awards program; suggests measures that can be taken to improve awareness of the program; and develops criteria for new awards related to the College’s strategic plan.

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 Reece Bearnes Young Leader Representative  
 Julie Bruyère ex-officio  
 Jaime Cleroux  
 Dudley Cosford Chapter Representative  
 Netha Dyck  
 Stephen Jackson Member  
 Brenda Martinussen  
 Victoria Munro Chapter Representative  
 Stephan Plourde Board Representative  
 Mark Pugh  
 Ray Racette President & CEO (Ex-Officio)  
 Francine St-Martin ex-officio  
 Bryan Stewart Corporate Representative  
 Shannon Webber Chair  
 John Young