BC Health Leaders Conference

LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework

The LEADS in a Caring Environment (LEADS) Framework is a leadership capabilities framework representing an innovative and integrated investment in the future of health leadership in Canada. It provides a comprehensive approach to leadership development for the Canadian health sector, including leadership within the whole-system, within the health organizations, and within individual leaders.

All BC Health Leaders Conference abstracts should address one or more of the following LEADS domains: Lead Self, Engage Others, Achieve Results, Develop Coalitions and System Transformation

Self motivated leaders…

– Are self aware
– Manage themselves
– Develop themselves
– Demonstrate character

Engaging leaders…

– Foster development of others
– Contribute to the creation of healthy organizations
– Communicate effectively
– Build teams

Goal-orientated leaders…

– Set direction
– Strategically align decisions with vision, values, and evidence
– Take action to implement decisions
– Assess and evaluate

Collaborative leaders…

– Purposefully build partnerships and networks to create results
– Demonstrate a commitment to customers and service
– Mobilize knowledge
– Navigate socio-political environments
Successful leaders… 

– Demonstrate systems/critical thinking
– Encourage and support innovation
– Orient themselves strategically to the future
– Champion and orchestrate change

For more information on the LEADS Framework visit the LEADS web site.