BC Health Leaders Conference

(Cette conférence est disponible en anglais seulement.)

Join your colleagues at a gathering of health system decision-makers including trustees, chief executive officers, directors, managers, department heads and other health leaders representing various sectors and professions in health authorities, acute, community and long-term care organizations, public health agencies, mental health and social services. The conference also draws participants from government, education and research organizations, professional associations, consulting firms and industry.
Tuesday, October 20 – Wednesday, October 21, 2015

  Collaborative Leadership . . . Stepping beyond the Boundaries

Are you a Collaborative Leader? Do you work in powerful partnerships across networks to get things done? Does your organization collaborate with its stakeholders?  As a system, are we pioneering outside of traditional boundaries?

Consider the possibility of Collaborative Leadership as a business imperative.

Healthcare is undergoing profound transformation. And, even more startling are the ways in which we remain the same – year after year – despite our best independent efforts.  The challenges ahead appear limitless, complex and systemic, requiring solutions we may not yet see clearly. We need a new approach and awareness that supersedes our current limitations in order to see our new emerging coherent whole. 

How can we, as the current system, transform ourselves into a network of communities that are engaged and innovative in our ability to meet population health and patient care needs?

How can we as leaders take actions to create the conditions for innovation and engagement?

How can we move beyond the current system and organizational design to thoughtfully redesign how we create partnerships with all of our stakeholders, learn from and with colleagues, bring patients to our discussions and decision making and use the system to engage with our communities in ways we have never done before?

Join us in an opportunity to explore how, as leaders, we can develop ourselves, our people, networks, organizations and systems for collaboration and generate collective impact from this new point of view.

At this conference we will look at opportunities for collaboration in health care through these three lenses:

System level - Is health care a collaborative system? How do we build a culture and the leadership skills that promote collaboration to deliver a transformative healthcare system? What can we learn from other industries? 'What can we learn from health care systems?' 'Are we prepared to innovate the way we collaborate in order to discover new ways of doing business?

Organizational level – Are collaboration and reflection valued in our organizations? How do our organizations foster collaboration, innovation and engagement?   How do we value each individual, team and network contribution?  And, most importantly, how do we enroll patients and all care providers as full partners and leaders in health and care?

Individual level – How do I foster a collaborative environment for my team and myself? How do I engage, nurture diversity and create collaborative teams?

Step into a new conversation with your colleagues – dare to be a collaborative leader as you journey along this path of individual and collective learning.

Registration will open in June 2015.