Excellence in Patient Experience Award

The Award

This award is focused on honouring organizations and individuals who have set in place innovations that improve the human experience in healthcare. The Excellence in Patient Experience Award will highlight and recognize innovations that have made a change to how patients and their families experience healthcare services. Demonstrable improvements in or impact on culture, quality, safety and/or financial indicators will be used to determine the recipient of this award. 

The winner will receive an etched glass trophy, paid travel and accommodations to attend the College’s Honouring Health Leadership event and a complimentary registration to the National Health Leadership Conference.



Individuals and teams are eligible for this award. Eligible candidates must quantify the impact of their innovations and actions in the following areas:

  • Patient experience and culture of inclusion: This can include, but not be limited to organizational structures that engage and support patients, caregivers and families, use of electronic tools or media to support continuous engagement with patients, caregivers and families as well as organizational processes that elevate the collaborative efforts of patients, caregivers,  families, staff and communities in the planning and delivery of care;
  • Training and development of staff, clinicians, Medical Staff, patients, caregivers and families to support a culture of innovation and excellence in the planning for and delivery of high quality patient and family centered care;
  • Quality of care over a minimum of 24 months. This would include tangible performance or process improvements in clinical outcomes (e.g. hospital acquired infections, falls, length of stay (LOS), alternate levels of care (ALC)), performance outcomes (e.g. patient experience rates) and other indicators that would demonstrate quality improvements (e.g. enhanced foundation revenues, decreased workplace injuries);
  • The extent to which patients, caregivers and families are engaged and involved in the planning for and delivery of care; and
  • The extent to which a high performance patient experience aligns with all other aspects of the healthcare enterprise (e.g. the satisfaction and engagement scores of staff, clinicians and medical staff).



Nominations must be made by a member of the College and be submitted by February 1, 2020.

Nominations must be submitted as one PDF file via the team and organization award online form and include the following:

  • The completed nomination form (to be complete online).
  • Using the nomination template, please ensure to include:
    • Comprehensive description of the innovation and/or action to be highlighted.
    • Data which quantifies the impact of the innovation or action to be highlighted.
    • Plan to continue to support and/or enhance the innovation and action in the longer term to ensure that the organization “holds the gains”.
  • Two letters of supports from patients, caregivers and/or families.
  • Letter of support from the nominee’s chief executive officer or C-level designate that is a member of the College.

Selection Committee 

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2019 Recipient: Humber River Hospital

Improving the quality of care for patients and supporting their families is a continuous journey at Humber River Hospital (HRH). Instilled directly in its mission—working together to deliver innovation and compassionate healthcare in our community— the concept of collaborative work to improve is the driving force behind HRH staff, physicians, and volunteers.

HRH has set in place innovations that improve the human experience in healthcare. Their patient experience and engagement approach are nudging the presence of safety by embedding human factors into hospital operations and creating investment for patients and families. Over the past two years, systemic safety indicators have shown a sustained decrease in critical incidents, medication errors and infection rates. Click here for the full article