Recognition in Delivering Value-based Healthcare


The Recognition

Value-based healthcare is gaining solid traction in Canada and globally, as health systems seek to improve delivery of highly integrated care. Value-based healthcare is about creating value for patients throughout the full cycle of care and aims to maximize health outcomes per dollar spent which is referred to as patient value [1] . Aligning with a value-based approach means reforming an entrenched system in which payments are made for volumes of service to a new approach where payment is tied to value and quality. [2]

Value based healthcare is best expressed through the following formula:

This recognition aims to increase the profile and understanding of value-based healthcare by honouring an organization, or team, that is deliberate in changing the way that care is delivered, resulting in improved patient outcomes. This means that patients are being optimally cared for at the right time, in the right setting and at the right cost.

The Canadian College of Health Leaders recognizes that different healthcare sectors use different terminology to describe the individuals they serve. While the term “patient” is used for this recognition, it is considered an all-inclusive concept that includes clients from all health care sectors.

Given that value-based healthcare is in its early stages in Canada, nominated teams or organizations may have limited experience to reference regarding their new initiatives based on the patient value created. As such, this recognition will evaluate:

  • the organization/team’s approach to value-based healthcare;
  • the patient-centered outcomes captured;
  • cost to the fullest extent it can be captured for the patient journey in the initiative; and
  • most importantly, the patient-reported outcomes including how their care and experience has improved under this model of care.

The selected organization or team will receive an etched glass trophy, paid travel and accommodations for one representative to attend the College’s Honouring Health Leadership event and a complimentary registration to the National Health Leadership Conference. A $2,500 grant will be donated to the selected organization, or team, for an educational leadership event supporting the translation of value-based healthcare leading practices within the organization.


Teams and organizations are eligible to apply. Teams that have collaborated on the initiative can exist within one single organization, or within a health system.  

The successful nominee will embrace the concept of value-based healthcare with a focus on partner and patient engagement. Moreover, they will measure patient relevant outcomes and will use these outcomes to inform improvements to care. The successful nominee will strive to create value for patients, moving beyond effectiveness, determined to create efficiency in care. Their approach to care will be inclusive of patients, be driven by the care team in a collaborative manner with other partners under a focus of continuous learning and improvement.



Nominations must be made by a member of the College and be submitted by February 1, 2020. Nominations must be submitted as one PDF file via the team and organization award online form and include the following:

  • The completed nomination form (to be completed online).
  • The completed report template; and
  • a letter of support from the chief executive officer, or C-level designate, who is a member of the College.

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Selection Committee

Recognition made possible by a grant from: 

2019 Recipient: Western Health and Central Health


The recognized project, “Optimizing Care of Frail Elderly Residents in Long Term Care”, was a collaborative initiative of Western Health, Central Health and the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH). The goal was to implement best practice in the care of frail elderly residents in Long Term Care facilities throughout Western Health and Central Health.

As a result of this project, and through dedicated efforts aligned with the LEADS framework, Western Health and Central Health created value for patients and caregivers, as well as clinicians and health systems, enabling better care provision and better use of resources. The approach continues to cultivate broad understanding on the application of value-based healthcare, and is driven by a focus of continuous learning and improvement. Click here for the full article

Past Recipients

Please see our most recent recipients listed below. Full biography's are available in our Celebrating Leading Practices booklets.   

2018, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and University Health Network


Past Recipients (Previously Innovation Award for Healthcare Leadership)

Please see our past recipients listed below. Full biography's are available in our Celebrating Leading Practices booklets.

2016, Richard Tam

2015, Louise Bradley CHE

2014, Richard Alvarez

2013, Howard Waldner CHE

2012, Isabel Henderson