Healthcare leadership is “the collective capacity of an individual or group to influence people to work together to achieve a common constructive purpose: the health and wellness of the population we serve.” Individuals at all levels of the organization can and do influence the direction of the organization and its culture. The LEADS in a Caring Environment leadership capabilities framework (LEADS) was created “as a way of thinking, acting and developing leadership” to contribute to patient-centred, system-wide health reform (Dickson & Tholl, 2014).

LEADS is deliberately built around leadership 'capabilities' (instead of the more common 'competencies' term). 'Capabilities' implies the capability to lead and grow in any circumstance or situation and ongoing, lifelong learning. The LEADS capabilities represent the knowledge, skills, attitudes and judgment that Canadian health leaders need to have now and in the future to carry out their leadership and management functions efficiently and effectively in an ever-changing environment. With its focus on health leadership, LEADS represents the prominent leadership capabilities framework in Canada, and has been adopted and integrated into numerous health organizations, authorities and regions across Canada.

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