Professional Development

National Events

Members have access to a range of national events that match their interests and are responsive to the changing healthcare landscape. Annual events include the BC health Leaders Conference, the National Awards Gala, and the National Health Leadership Conference, hosted with the Canadian Healthcare Association (CHA) and the Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations (ACAHO).

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Chapter Events

Chapters across Canada organize meetings and sponsor professional activities at the local level, making membership a more personal and rewarding experience.

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Mentorship Program

The National Mentorship Program endows mentees with the ability to advance their careers, refine their skills, and train to become capable health leaders. Local programs are also offered by a selection of College chapters.

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The Professional Development Library offers e-learning resources in their original language, from the national office and chapters throughout Canada.

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Study Tours

Study Tours provide a forum to exchange information, ideas and best practices. To date the College has offered study tours to Sweden, Australia and New Zealand, and Italy.

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LEADS in a Caring Environment

The LEADS in a Caring Environment (LEADS) framework provides a comprehensive approach to leadership development in the Canadian health sector, including the whole-system, health organizations, and individual leaders. It represents the key skills, abilities, and knowledge required to lead at all levels of an organization.

The College has aligned many of its programs, including the Certified Health Executive and Fellowship with the framework.

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EXTRA Program

Through a partnership with the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI), graduates of the CFHI EXTRA program who are members of the College are formally recognized when they enroll in the CHE or Fellowship programs.

College members in the EXTRA program.