LEADS 360 Assessments & Debriefing

What is a 360?

The term “360” refers to the degrees in a circle, with an individual (the “subject”) figuratively in the centre of the circle. In human resources or industrial/organizational psychology, 360 degree feedback (also known as multi-rater feedback, multisource feedback, or multisource assessment) is feedback that comes from all around an individual (the “responders”). Respondents providing feedback are normally direct reports, peers, and supervisors. It usually includes a self-assessment by the subject and, in some cases, feedback from other sources such as “customers”, “partners”, “professional standards observers” and “suppliers” or other interested stakeholders.

The LEADS 360 Assessments

The LEADS 360 Assessment is a feedback process primarily for development purposes. It focuses on leadership and takes the capabilities identified in the LEADS in Caring Environment capabilities framework and identifies sentinel behaviors that would be exhibited by front-line, mid-level, senior, or executive level leaders. There are approximately fifty-five questions, each on a seven point rating scale, plus a number of optional open-ended text responses.

The process uses web-based software that securely stores data in Canada. The individuals providing feedback to a subject are identified by the subject, by the employer, or randomly generated from a list of key contacts. The individual and the responders receive a confidential, personal access password to complete the online process. This normally requires twenty to thirty minutes depending on the amount of text an individual wishes to include.

The LEADS 360 Assessment requires a debriefing by a certified LEADS Coach.

LEADS 360 Assessment Leadership Development Plan (LDP) and Accountability Agreement

The LDP and Accountability Agreement will be utilized by certified LEADS Coaches for all 360 Assessment debriefings, as well as for CHE Select program and Fellowship Select program candidates. CHE and Fellows program applicants are required to complete a LEADS 360 assessment (or equivalent) and LDP. Applicants may use a 360 and LDP completed within 18 months prior to submitting their application or take part in an assessment process during either of the programs. Those who completed their 360 and LDP more than six months before applying will also submit a brief ‘Addendum’.

The Accountability Agreement is intended to enhance your development by focusing your goals, priorities, next steps, and resources needed, as well as by encouraging you to form an accountability agreement with others. This begins by sharing this document, discussing its details, and meeting regularly to discuss your progress and challenges.

The revised LDP draws from current research and enhances the continuity among an individual’s professional goals, ongoing leadership development, and the CHE and Fellows designations.

For more information about the CHE Select program or the Fellowship Select program, please contact Stéphane Joannette, Manager, Professional Certifications and Strategic Alliances, at -800-363-9056 EXT 239 or by email at che@cchl-ccls.ca or fellowship@cchl-ccls.ca.

Group Debriefing

A requirement of the LEADS 360 Assessment process, the LEADS 360 Assessment debriefing will increase self-awareness, self-confidence and energy for change.

The group debriefing setting provides the structure for a safe, organized and systematic debriefing.  This half-day session provides the opportunity for participants to fully understand the feedback provided on their LEADS 360 Assessment report.  Participants are intentionally prepared, debriefed and, at the end of the day, able to move forward with their LEADS 360 development plan.

Certified LEADS Coaches create the platform for the day and place the emphasis on self-reflection. The participants will choose their own areas for growth and will leave with an accountability contract for learning that they can share with their supervisor.

Individual Debriefing

In an individual debriefing, certified LEADS Coaches provide up to 90 minutes of coaching and debriefing, within the LEADS framework, of the LEADS 360 Assessment report per participant via telephone or video conference. Completed LEADS 360 Assessment reports are delivered securely and electronically to the participant and the Coach.

Upon completion of the individual debriefing, participants will understand their strengths and identify their learning edge along with at least one action item that would move them forward on their journey to mastery. 

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