Utilisation de LEADS et obtention de licences

The Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) provides certification and licensing programs for the use, delivery, and integration of the LEADS in a Caring environment leadership capabilities framework. There are opportunities for individuals to become certified and licensed to use LEADS, recognizing completion of a high level of LEADS training and commitment, in addition to providing their organization with the option to be recognized as “LEADS licensed” – a standard that is widely becoming desirable amongst healthcare organizations across Canada.

The Canadian College of Health Leaders is the owner of the intellectual property rights for the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework. As such, it grants permission, certification, and licensing opportunities for interested individuals and organizations. As a non-profit association, CCHL provides all certification programming in a cost-recovery model to ensure both that the quality and integrity of the framework is maintained. Requests for permission to use the framework for academic purposes and/or as a reference are considered on a case-by-case basis. 


Veuillez nous contacter si vous avez des questions sur la certification, les licences et/ou pour la permission d’utiliser le Cadre LEADS.