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Unmasking healthcare worker PTSS: Insights into post-pandemic trauma and trauma-informed leadership

29 novembre 2023 @ 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM EST / HNE

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This webinar will discuss the research of Laurence M. Boitet, PhD, and her co-authors who conducted research into the psychological distress resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare workers, including the development of post-traumatic stress symptoms. Their research was designed to support the development of trauma-informed leadership strategies, and they collected data from June to July 2022 using a cross-sectional anonymous survey in a large academic medical center setting. A total of 6,466 clinical and non-clinical employees completed the survey. The principal findings suggest that the top stressors among both clinical and non-clinical workers produce the same result: burnout, moral distress, and compassion fatigue. In addition, one of the surprising findings was that women and sexual minorities in the clinical sample exhibited a higher incidence of post-traumatic stress, and that non-White populations were more likely to experience post-traumatic stress. Laurence and her co-authors will offer health leaders practical recommendations on how to develop best practices aimed at reducing distress, and how to develop strategies to circumvent trauma derived from future crises. Leaders will want to devote their attention to both those who work on the frontlines and those who work behind the scenes.

This article can be found in the Journal of Healthcare Management (available mid-November). You can read their article here:

Featured Speaker:

Laurence M. Boitet, PhD

Laurence M. Boitet, PhD, is associated with the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is currently performing post-doctoral research, and has extensive multidisciplinary experience in biomedical science, education, and organizational behaviour.


Dr. Michael Gardam, MD, CHE

Dr. Michael Gardam, MD, CHE, is the Chief Executive Officer at Health PEI and the Chair of the Board of Directors of HealthCareCAN.  He is also the Program Director of the York University Schulich School of Business Healthcare Leadership Development Program, and an instructor for the Physician Leadership Institute of Joule (Canadian Medical Association). He is a pioneer of using complexity science-based approaches to improve patient safety, system transformation, staff engagement and other complex challenges. Dr. Gardam has published more than 120 scientific works.

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