Healthcare Management Forum – November Edition

26 octobre 2023

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The November 2023 edition of Healthcare Management Forum is broadly focused on behavioural health, a topic that was identified as part of a partnership with the American College of Healthcare Executives. Both organizations are publishing editions in November on this subject; you’ll want to read Healthcare Management Forum and the Journal of Healthcare Management. Log into the College website for the full edition of Healthcare Management Forum.

In this edition:

The Guest Editor for this edition is Dr. Michael Gardam, MD, CHE, who is the Chief Executive Officer at Health PEI. He is a pioneer of using complexity science-based approaches to improve patient safety, system transformation, staff engagement, and other complex challenges.

Join the American College of Healthcare Executives for a webinar on December 13 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm EST, with CCHL author, Vania Sakelaris, CHE. Vania and her co-authors wrote an article in Healthcare Management Forum on the impact of physician leadership development on behaviour and work-related changes. Vania is a seasoned executive and the founder of VAS & Associates (VAS) a management consulting firm which provides customized advisory, coaching, and training services to corporate executives, their boards, and their teams. Viewed from a complexity lens, she discusses why physician leadership development training is so important to enabling healthcare system change.


Join us for a webinar on November 29 from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST, with Laurence M. Boitet, PhD. Laurence and her co-authors wrote an article in the Journal of Healthcare Management (available mid-November) on burnout, moral distress, and compassion fatigue as it relates to post-traumatic stress symptoms in clinical and non-clinical health workers. She is affiliated with the University of Alabama at Birmingham where she received a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. Laurence and her co-authors will offer health leaders practical recommendations on how to develop best practices aimed at reducing distress, and how to develop strategies to circumvent trauma derived from future crises. You can read Laurence’s article here. This webinar will be moderated by Dr. Michael Gardam, MD, CHE.


Readers can listen to a podcast with Vania Sakelaris, CHE, and her collaborators as they offer more context about the retrospective survey of 117 physician leadership development program graduates at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. The survey was designed to assess how the program contributed to graduates’ leadership development, specifically in terms of behaviour change and work related changes. It’s further proof that there are concrete benefits to investing in training for physician leaders to advance transformation and improvement initiatives in a changing world.


Read the blog by Dr. Michael Gardam, MD, CHE. Dr. Gardam is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto and has published more than 120 scientific works. His blog offers observations on the state of publicly-funded healthcare in Canada, discusses what went wrong, and suggests how we need to view healthcare from multiple lenses as a way of moving forward. 


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