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Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

CCHL Chair Feisal Keshavjee, CHE and Vice-Chair Marianne Walker, CHE join CEO Alain Doucet to discuss the College’s 50-year anniversary.


Vice President, Client Care and Operations



The VP, Client Care and Operations (VP) reports to the CEO and is responsible for leading all operations at Safehaven, including Client Care. The VP, Client Care and Operations will work closely with the leadership team to provide critically important oversight of operational and strategic leadership, including Human Resources, Finance, Communications, Client Care, and Facilities Management. The VP will be an integral leader in championing Safehaven’s mission, vision, and values of promoting and encouraging an inclusive culture of child, youth, and family-centred care. 

The VP will be accountable for the day-to-day operations of Safehaven, ensuring organizational operational success. The VP will ensure that the prevision of current services follows legislative requirements, and are consistent with the Safehaven’s vision, mission, values, goals/priorities, and accreditation standards.


Operational Management:
  • Accountable for the operational success of Safehaven through the direct oversight and leadership of Client Care, Communications, Facilities, Human Resources, and Finance. 
  • Establishes, implements, and communicates the strategic direction of Safehaven’s operations divisions. 
  • Actively participates, as a key member of the senior leadership team, in the strategic planning efforts to establish and manage operational goals and objectives for each Safehaven location, and operational division. 
  • Oversees the development, implementation, and adherence to operational goals and objectives for Safehaven’s operational divisions. 
  • Collaborates with Safehaven’s operational divisions to establish priorities and plans for implementation. Monitors progress and holds leadership accountable for accomplishment of the goals in the agreed timeframes;
  • Develops, implements, and manages operational and capital budgets;
  • Facilitates and promotes the educational mission of Safehaven’s “We Belong” program, ensuring integration of education, research, quality improvement, and innovation into the public;
  • Has a deep understanding of the Developmental Sector Community and applies their knowledge to ensure quality client care and operational success at Safehaven.
  • Exhibits a passion for the mission, vision, and mandate of Safehaven and approaches family-centred care accountability with creativity;
  • Exhibits strong communication skills and the ability to facilitate and engage diverse groups in decision making;
  • Builds respectful relationships across all Safehaven locations, clients, team members, within the Developmental Sector Community, and the public to promote inclusivity;
  • Coaches the leadership team to demonstrate the behaviours required to develop and implement sustainable best practice processes;
  • Develops organizational capability to support growth through effective employee development and succession planning;
  • Provides necessary information and reporting required by the board;
  • Understands the complexity of operational leadership in a professional practice environment;
  • Other responsibilities as assigned;
Client Care
  • Own all aspects of Safehaven’s client care to ensure the highest Quality of Care and Safety, which includes, but is not limited to: 
    • Overseeing the operations at each Safehaven facility, ensuring policy and licensing compliance, quality, and safety. 
    • Being accountable for ensuring compliance with contractual, accreditation, QAM, Children’s Licensing and regulatory requirements for each facility.
    • Monitoring and evaluating key care coordination processes and practices to ensure achievement of the organization’s mission and goals and improve health outcomes of members.
    • Defines and oversees consistent care delivery models across all Safehaven locations and ensures that the models align with Safehaven’s standard of care. 
    • Mentoring, guiding and developing skills of front-line staff in a consistent and effective manner.
  • Must have a Post-graduate degree in healthcare or related field, and previous experience within a healthcare and/or community care setting. 
  • Must have a master’s degree.
  • Must have a minimum of 10 years of experience working in healthcare, with 5 years of operational responsibility and overseeing teams. 
  • Proven ability to effectively communicate in writing and orally;
  • Experienced leadership background at the executive level;
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate others and achieve revenue and cost improvement goals;
  • Demonstrated ability to innovate and implement quality programs within a culture of collaboration and communication;
  • Long-range vision of planning experience, combined with the ability to accomplish short-range goals;
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including a respectful and collegial approach to decision-making and the ability to lead, collaborate with and mentor all members of the department, as appropriate;
  • Ability to effectively delegate, weigh alternatives, and set and explain priorities;
  • Experience working with or reporting to a board.

CHE Select Program

The Certified Health Executive (CHE) Program is the only leadership designation in Canada for health leaders. The CHE is aligned to the LEADS Domains which supports self-directed, life-long learning.

CHE Select intensifies the College’s role in supporting leaders in Canadian health system to define and understand their leadership and the role they play in leading systems change, it includes individual development and will also support organizational culture and systems change.

GoodLife Fitness

GoodLife Fitness (Energie Cardio Club in Quebec) offers members a special annual group rate of $549.00 per year (taxes are excluded).