Canadian College of Health Leaders

150 Isabella, Suite 1102
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1V7

Telephone: 613-235-7218
Toll-free: 1-800-363-9056
Fax: 613-235-5451

Our Team

Jaime Cleroux

Executive Vice-President


Christian Coulombe

Vice-President, Marketing & Membership


Valérie Delrue

Professional and Leadership Development (PLD) Quality Coordinator


Alain Doucet

President and Chief Executive Officer


Johanne Featherstone

Coordinator, Membership Services


Camay Fortier

Chapter Liaison and E-learning Coordinator


Jaason Geerts, PhD

Vice-President, Research and Leadership Development


Christine Gilmour

Manager, PLD Operations & Community for Practice


Kathy Ivey

Manager, Marketing and Communications


Stéphane Joannette

Director, Professional Certifications & Strategic Alliances


Brenda Lammi

Senior Vice-President, Professional and Leadership Development


Brianna Lavoy

Manager, Conferences and Events


Kate Lawrie

Manager, LEADS 360 Services


Lynne Marleau

Manager, PLD Communications & Community Relations


Carole Ménard

Coordinator, Finance, and Corporate Membership


Josiane Mercier

Coordinator, Member Support and Programs


Noelle Merrick

Production Coordinator, Professional & Leadership Development Programs


James Njaaga

Manager, Information Technology


Amy O’Brien

Director, Governance and Member Engagement


Kevin Poulton

Coordinator, Marketing and Communications


Tatjana Solowjew

Director, Finance


Francine St-Martin

Director, Conferences and Events


Danielle Stevens

Coordinator, Professional Certification


Tracy Wightman

Director, Professional & Leadership Development Programs


Laurie Wilson

Managing Editor, Healthcare Management Forum


About the College

The Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL), a national member-driven non-profit association, is the connected community that develops, supports, and inspires health leaders across Canada.