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The Certified Health Executive (CHE) Program is the only leadership designation in Canada for all health leaders. The CHE is aligned to the LEADS Domains which supports self-directed, life-long learning.

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CCHL has academic, certificate and employeur strategic alliances and partnerships.

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CHE and LEADS Inspired Leadership Program Bundle

CHE Select intensifies the College’s role in supporting leaders in Canadian health system to define and understand their leadership and the role they play in leading systems change, it includes individual development and will also support organizational culture and systems change. 

CHE Select program is an extensive journey into LEADS-based leadership development using tools, content and processes representing current best practices and evidence. As LEADS is fully incorporated in the content and requirements for completing the CHE credential, achieving and maintaining the credential contributes to building a common leadership language across leaders and health systems in Canada.

New CHE Program Policy: In addition to existing CHE maintenance requirements, individuals who register to the CHE Program as of April 1, 2022 are required to participate in the National Mentorship Program or the CHE Mentorship Program for a minimum of two (2) year. 

CHE™ is a trademarked program of the Canadian College of Health Leaders.