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Demand for executive coaching services has been steadily increasing, both by CCHL Professional and Leadership Development (PLD) client organizations and individuals. There has been a significant interest from those who have participated in LEADS 360 debriefs and the from the CHE program, for further coaching opportunities. We have learned from research and best practice that coaching can also function as a highly effective complement to other services as part of multifaceted leadership and organizational development programs. We are pleased to respond to this need through the offering of Group/Individual Coaching sessions, in order to best meet the needs of health leaders and their organizations.

Service Format

For healthcare organizations (for a team/group OR for individuals)

Service option 1:

Bundled 1:1 coaching hours

(60 minutes available in bundles of 6, 12 or 24 hours)

Available to be purchased as multiples if more than one person is to receive coaching or if an individual wishes to have multiple coaching sessions for their own use.

Service Description:

Coaching hours are available for one year beginning on a mutually agreed upon date (between client and coach).

Coaches are selected by the client from the PLD list of certified LEADS Canada Coaches, which ensures that they receive a first-rate coach that has met foundational certification standards both as an executive coach and as a LEADS representative.

Selected LEADS Coaches will work with the client directly to book the coaching hours, at a cadence acceptable to the client.

Bundles are not available for single 60-minute sessions.

Service option 2:

Bundled group coaching hours

(60 minutes available in bundles of 6, 12 or 24 hours)

Available to be purchased as multiples if more than one team/group is to receive coaching or if one team/group wishes to have multiple coaching sessions for just their group.

Service Description:

1:1 Coaching may be used for one individual or multiple individuals with the same coach.

Group coaching (for 2-15 participants) may have different participants, depending on client preferences (i.e. may be for a project and used during a short, set time frame or for a team as part of leadership development).

Every 3 months after the start date of the coaching service, CCHL PLD will request feedback through an evaluation of the client’s selected coach, to ensure the relationship is mutually suitable.

Multiples of either 1:1 coaching and group coaching are available, but do not impact the pricing.


Coaching serviceBundle options*
6 hours12 hours24 hours
1:1 Coaching Bundle**$2,190$4,065$7,500
Group Coaching Bundle***$3,278$6,240$11,850

* valid for one year ** one individual, one coach ***one group/team (2-15 participants), one coach

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