Award Profiles

The College and our award sponsors are pleased to honour the individuals, teams and organizations that are making a difference across the healthcare community. For almost two decades, the National Awards Program has been showcasing the success of exemplary individuals and teams, encouraging knowledge exchange, and celebrating excellence while stimulating replication of leading practices across the health industry.

List of Awards

3M Health Care Innovation Team Awards

This award recognizes four important elements: disruptive innovation, cutting edge system transformation and outcomes, diverse population, and sustainability of change.

Award of Excellence in Mental Health and Addictions Quality Improvement

This award will honour a hospital, health authority, community based mental health and addictions program/service, or a leader in the field that demonstrates evidence-informed and sustained quality improvements (QI) in the area of mental health and addictions.

Celebrating the Human Spirit Award

This award recognizes and honours the meaningful contributions of individuals or teams, who provide health services, for acts of caring and compassion that go above and beyond the call of duty, which inspire others and have a profound and lasting impact.

Chapter Awards for Distinguished Service

This award provides an opportunity for chapters to recognize locally and nationally the individuals or corporate members who have made a significant contribution to their chapter.

CCHL Distinguished Leadership Award

This new award combines the best aspects of two previous awards - the College Award for Distinguished Service and the College Honourary Life Member Award - to create a recognition that will showcase an outstanding senior leader for their contributions to the health system, and to the College.

Energy and Environmental Stewardship Award

This award recognizes a progressive healthcare organization that has implemented organizational wide initiatives demonstrating environmental responsibility through the reduction of energy usage, the preservation of natural resources and effective waste diversion solutions

Excellence in Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (IDEA) Award

This award recognizes a forward-thinking healthcare organization that has demonstrated leadership in creating and promoting inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility to improve the environment for its employees, and to better service their customers/patients, and the community.

Excellence in Patient Experience Award

This award is focused on honouring organizations and individuals who have set in place innovations that improve the human experience in healthcare.

Excellence in Patient Safety Award

This award recognizes individuals and/or teams that are committed to transforming and improving patient safety within any healthcare environment, through leadership, culture change, quality improvement, patient partnership, and innovation.

HMF Article of the Year Award

This award recognizes an article published in Healthcare Management Forum in the preceding year which has helped to advance knowledge in the practice of health leadership.

Mentorship Award

The Mentorship Award is presented to a leader in the healthcare system who demonstrates exemplary, sustained commitment to mentoring, and inspiring healthcare leadership.

Nursing Leadership Award

The Nursing Leadership Award builds on the themes of patient centered care and leadership, and honours those who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to excellence in these areas.

President’s Award for Outstanding Corporate Membership in the College

This award recognizes a corporate member who has consistently, over a period of several years, helped the College achieve its mission, vision and strategic directions.

Recognition in Delivering Value-based Healthcare

This recognition aims to increase the profile and understanding of value-based healthcare by honouring an organization, or team, that is deliberate in changing the way that care is delivered, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Robert Wood Johnson Awards

Established in 1956, the Robert Wood Johnson Awards are presented to one student from six Canadian universities offering a Master’s of Health Administration.

Robert Zed Young Health Leader Award

The Robert Zed Young Health Leader Award is presented to a Canadian healthcare leader who has demonstrated leadership in the effectiveness and sustainability of Canada’s health system.