National Mentorship Program

Start your Journey – The CCHL National Mentorship Program

The CCHL National Mentorship Program is offered at no cost to all College members, at every stage of their career, from coast to coast. The program can be accessed through the College’s online community and leadership development platform called the CCHL Circle.

Become a Mentor!

  • Share your knowledge and expertise with the aspiring leaders of the future;
  • Gain insight into the current barriers facing the next generation of leaders; and
  • Continue to develop your leadership and communication skills in a new environment.

Become a Mentee!

  • Learn the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that you need to successfully lead within the Canadian health system from a more experienced leader;
  • Expand your network with a leader outside of your organization who can provide advice and support; and
  • Learn to identify your professional development needs and set goals.

Features of the CCHL National Mentorship Program

  • There is built in flexibility where you can use the available resources to determine your own timelines and schedule for the relationship.
  • You can establish one-to-one relationships with mentors who act as coaches, career guides, confidants and positive role modes.
  • The program provides a step-by-step journey you can follow through your meetings.
  • The program is based in LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework.
  • The program has an established step-by-step process that includes resources and worksheets to help in setting goals and expectations, expanding your network and reflection.

If you are a CCHL member you already have access to the National Mentorship Program but will need to activate your Circle account first.

If you have issues activating your account – the Circle team will be happy to assist and can be reached at


If you have any questions, comments or feedback on the National Mentorship Program please reach out to Amy O’Brien, Director, Chapter and Member Engagement.