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HMF Tweetchat: Human factors in healthcare information technology design

March 7, 2023 @ 08:30 PM - 09:30 PM EST / HNE


Event Details:

Location: Canada

On Tuesday March 7 at 8:30 PM (EST) join Healthcare Management Forum author Andre Kushniruk, PhD for a discussion on human factors in healthcare information technology design.

We have partnered with the healthcare leader community #HCLDR, to deliver this tweetchat inspired by the March edition of Healthcare Management Forum all about health informatics and features articles about many aspects of digital health today. Andre's biography, article abstract and additional information about the tweetchat can be found below.

Author: Andre Kushniruk, PhD

Andre Kushniruk, PhD, is Director and Professor of the School of Health Information Science at the University of Victoria. Dr. Kushniruk conducts research in a number of areas including evaluation of the effects of technology, human-computer interaction in health care and other domains as well as cognitive science. His work is known internationally and he has published widely in the area of health informatics. He focuses on developing new methods for the evaluation of information technology and studying human-computer interaction in health care and he has been a key researcher on a number of national and international collaborative projects. His work includes the development of novel methods for conducting video analysis of computer users and he is currently extending this research to remote study of e-health applications and advanced information technologies, including computerized patient record systems. Dr. Kushniruk has held academic positions at a number of Canadian universities and he has taught courses in areas such as human-computer interaction, database management and systems analysis and design. He holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Biology, as well as a M.Sc. in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from McGill University.

Article: Human factors in healthcare IT: Management considerations and trends

A range of human factors issues are recognized as critical to the success of projects involving Health Information Technology (HIT). Problems related to the usability of HIT have come to the fore, with continued reports of systems that are non-intuitive and difficult to use and that may even pose safety risks. In this article, we consider a number of approaches from usability engineering and human factors that can be applied to improve the chances of system success and adoption. A range of methods focused around human factors can be employed throughout the system development cycle of HIT. The purpose of this article is to discuss human factors approaches that can be used to improve the likelihood of successful system adoption and also provide input into the selection and procurement process of HIT. The article concludes with recommendations regarding how understanding of human factors can be integrated into healthcare organizational decision making.

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Forum Author,  Andre Kushniruk, PhD  - @AndreKushniruk

Tweetchat topics (questions)

Human factors in healthcare information technology design

  1. What aspects of information technology in healthcare do you feel needs to be improved the most for clinicians or for patients?
  2. What tactics or methods have you found to be effective in gathering product/usability/human-factors feedback - especially for healthcare staff - Surveys? Interviews with stakeholders? Focus groups?
  3. What can leaders do to better demonstrate that they take human-factors and feedback from their staff seriously, particularly as it relates to system safety?
  4. What approaches have worked in other sectors that may work in healthcare?

Human factors in healthcare IT: Management considerations and trends (open access)
– Andre Kushniruk, PhD

Healthcare Management Forum - March 2023
– All about health informatics and features articles about many aspects of digital health today.

#HCLDR Blog Post - Human factors in healthcare information technology design and deployment: What do we need to know?
– Andre Kushniruk, PhD

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