BC Health Leadership Development Collaborative

The BCHLDC is a province-wide collaboration between all Health Authorities driven by a strong and innovative team agreement. BCHLDC supports, develops, engages and advocates for leaders with the ultimate goal of delivering exceptional patient outcomes. BCHLDC aims to attract and retain the best leadership in response to an acute shortage in healthcare leadership and the changing demands of the leadership role. As a solution to these problems, 7 BC health authorities formed a collaborative to focus on leadership development. The vision, in part, is to advocate for leaders and leadership practice, improve access to leadership development opportunities, attract and retain the best leaders. The collaboration was funded through Sep, 2013 with a grant from the BCHEF, the CNOs and through Mar 2015 with contribution by all health authorities. The collaboration builds on leading practices already in existence in the province and creates tool kits and professional development opportunities. As an outcome of the collaboration, BCHLDC created Leadership LINX, a Provincial Pathway of Leadership Development, with 5 key areas: coaching, mentoring, new manager, experienced leader & senior leader.