ProResp Inc.

ProResp’s passion is helping people breathe. Since 1981 we have provided comprehensive community respiratory therapy products and services across Ontario including: • COPD management • Home oxygen therapy; • Sleep therapy management; • Inhalation and suction therapy; • Chronic ventilation and tracheostomy care; • Respiratory products; and • Aerobika Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy System. We use Registered Respiratory Therapists to enable seamless transitions from hospital to home. The foundation of our care is built on competence, compassion and building relationships of trust with our community partners. ProResp lives by the mantra, “If it can be done safely in the community, we will do it.” Through education and training, our respiratory therapy teams enable patients, their families and community caregivers to effectively adopt care routines and self-management skills designed to help keep patients home and improve their quality of life. Our quest for quality and capacity to care for our patients compels ProResp to add virtual care to our service model.  Our virtual care hybrid model assures in-person attention augmented by virtual support, to enable our patients to breathe right at home.  All our actions and decisions are guided by our core values: Trust, Respect, Integrity, Duty, Patient First and Innovation. We act as socially responsible corporate citizens, and reach beyond ourselves to make a difference in the communities we serve.