Workforce Edge Consulting Inc.

Since 2001, Workforce Edge has provided the hands-on expertise and the deep, organizational change management necessary for healthcare organizations to transform their staff scheduling practices across the continuum of care. This highly specialized team is the premier partner in workforce optimization for integrated acute care, long-term care, home and community health, complex ambulatory networks and emergency health services. Having established the field of “health workforce optimization” more than two decades ago, solutions are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs and are delivered by experts with deep industry knowledge and experience. Workforce Edge is a software vendor-neutral organization, and focuses on the critical work “around the system” - required to advance the strategic workforce planning, and staff scheduling and deployment business functions. By helping to bring many values alive that are important to the healthcare workforce, such as transparency, equity, inclusion, safety, and predictability – the application of Workforce Edge’s Health Workforce Optimization Model © have secured proven benefits such more highly engaged workforces, better alignment of intended skill to patients needs, and savings to budget and reductions in total spend supporting sustainability of healthcare service delivery across Canada and abroad.