Graham Dickson

Dr. Dickson is Senior Policy Advisor to the Canadian Health Leadership Network, Research Advisor to the Canadian  Society of Physician Executives, and a member of the Health LEADS Collaborative in Canada, a not-for-profit start-up  dedicated to enhancing leadership capacity in the health sector. Dr. Dickson also teaches in the Canadian Medical Association’s PMI program, the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrator’s Fellowship program, and is active in the World Federation of Medical Managers.  Graham was the founding Director of the Centre for Health Leadership and Research Roads University. Graham helped develop the Master of Arts in Leadership (Health specialization) at RRU. Currently he is the principal of LEADS Global, a collaborative partnership aimed at growing and developing health leadership across the globe. He is Professor Emeritus Leadership Studies at RRU, and an associate faculty member in the Faculty of Medicine at U of M. Dr. Dickson has been principal investigator a number of cross-Canada research projects leadership in the context of health systems redesign. He was the principal researcher on the work done to create the LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework that is now being used in ten provinces and over 40 national organizations in health, and that has influenced the work of Health LEADS Australia. Dr. Dickson has profiled this work with Bill Tholl, in a book entitled Bringing Leadership to Life in Health Care: LEADS in a Caring Environment, published by Springer Publishing in the UK, in January 2014.