Bonnie Conrad

I am a Certified Health Executive with a background in Human Ecology. I have worked in the Nova Scotia healthcare system for many years). I have had the privilege to work in many different roles and have gained experiences in people management, evaluation, organizational development, professional development, workplace health, health promotion and public health. My key success is my ability to build rapport and relationships with people and teams. I am good at helping teams identify enablers and inhibitors to their own team function and ideas on moving forward. Other key successes (so far) in my career include: Co-leading Strategies (Respectful Workplace, Mental Health & Addictions (for staff); Healthy Workplace, Healthy Eating); Lead Consultant, Leadership Development and Manager Orientation; Lead, Workplace NQI/Excellence Canada Level II Healthy Workplace Certification (for an organization with 20,000 staff);Supervising dietetic intern's quality improvement projects and Master student's thesis. I am currently a Health Services Manager with Community Mental Health & Addictions, Nova Scotia Health in Halifax, NS where I provide day-to-day leadership, supervision, operational and human resource management of two clinics where I strive to ensure appropriate engagement to support increasing demands on services, while establishing psychological health & safety with my teams. I am a LEADS trained facilitator, a Myers Briggs Typing Indicator Certified Practitioner, a Crucial Conversation trainer, trained in Transformational Mediation and completed an 18 month Peer Leadership program. My areas of interest include: Strategic planning and evaluation, Creating Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplaces, Accreditation, Further understanding of policy, politics and 'higher level' decisions.