Jeanie Paterson

In times when health care leaders and their respective organizations are being asked to do more with less, enhancing organizational culture and effectiveness helps to build innovative, creative leadership capacity amidst fast-paced, ever-changing circumstances. With deep passion and commitment to helping people cultivate empowering leadership/learning choices that best supports their ability to ‘Thrive versus Survive’, Jeanie launched her private practice in 2003. As an organizational effectiveness coach, thought partner, and facilitator familiar with the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework and the CHE program, Jeanie has garnered a credible reputation over the last 25+ years, assisting multi-sector clients in harnessing their creative potential and resilience capabilities for navigating on-going change and uncertainty. With a keen interest in cultivating collaborative thought-partnerships, Jeanie seeks to engage leaders throughout the organization in healthy, transparent conversations about what they view to be their systemic challenges and/or opportunities. Engaging in these types of conversations often leads to better understanding of organizational systems involved, as well as enhanced opportunities for harnessing key organizational/individual strengths, fostering shared leadership potential, and maximizing areas for synergistic innovation and redesign.  As a certified LEADS 360 and CHE Coach, Jeanie works extensively with senior leaders, managers, boards, and front-line staff, often exploring key areas associated with one or more of the five LEADS capabilities: Leading Self, Engaging Others, Achieving Results, Developing Coalitions, and/or Fostering Systems Transformation.  Clients say they feel highly empowered when working with Jeanie to foster/enhance their leadership growth and development. They express a sense of feeling highly valued/heard, respected for their perspectives/contributions, and inspired/motivated to engage in innovative and purposeful ways.  Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit.  We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.  ~ Wilma Rudolph ~