Jonathan McCready

Jonathan McCready is a Leadership Development and Systems Relationship coach and Certified 4D Consultant. An expert in high-level customer care, Jonathan has over 30 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and business owner, team builder and manager. His adeptness at cultivating relationships with clients and vendors resulted in strong and sustainable alliances, networks and long-term meaningful relationships in a changing and complex service-intense industry. Along with an in-depth understanding of corporate culture in a variety of industries, Jonathan’s insightful, resourceful and pragmatic coaching approach helps him achieve consistent unquestionable results. Whether as a group facilitator or a one-on-one coach, maximized personal and professional potential is reached for even the most challenging client. Jonathan received his professional coaching certification from Adler (OISE-University of Toronto) in 2010 and has since been coaching individual leaders, teams and groups in various organizations and industries: healthcare, engineering, insurance, hospitality, airline industry, construction, power and energy industry and government. Certifications: ICF - PCC (Professional Certified Coach) ADLER - ACPC ORSC Hogan Certified LEADS Certified WABC RCC (Registered Corporate Coach)