Kathrina Loeffler

Kathrina Loeffler is the founder and Executive Director of Facilitated Improvement for Corporate Success (FICS), Inc. FICS helps organizations achieve success by providing transformational support and training to leaders, management and staff. Kathrina is a professional facilitator and educator who has spent her career studying how organizations succeed. She is passionate about building the capacity of leaders to maximize engagement and productivity and embed a culture of continuous quality improvement on a system-wide level.  Kathrina is also passionate about the LEADS Leadership Capability Framework and has been using the framework to educate leaders on effective leadership capabilities since 2011. Kathrina was on the executive leadership team of two organizations, Accreditation Canada and International Briefing Associates. In both cases she used her leadership skills to transform organizational culture.  Kathrina uses a highly facilitated learner-centred method of project based learning to develop and facilitate leadership development programs.  Participants in her sessions work on real projects that come directly from their own experiences in the workplace.  They leave sessions with practical skills and action plans to apply new knowledge and skills immediately to their workplace.   Kathrina is a certified teacher with a Bachelor of Education degree, a certified Lean practitioner, a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), a certified John Maxwell Team affiliate member and, a licensed LEADS facilitator. She also has a Master of Education degree in Organizational Studies.  She is a professional teacher, mentor, and public speaker on leadership effectiveness, Lean process improvement, intercultural communication and adult learning. Kathrina developed a 5-level leadership development program where she works with leadership teams over the period of a year to transform organizational culture to one that is committed to continuous quality improvement. The LEADS framework is embedded in that leadership development curriculum. The program has been successfully implemented in both Canada and internationally.