CCHL and SSF Team Up to Offer a Health Leadership Specialty in Equal Access to French-Language Health Services in a Minority Setting 

April 28, 2023

Health leaders can now perfect their ability to implement quality French-language health services. 

The Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) and Société Santé en français (SSF) are teaming up to offer Canadian health leaders an opportunity to specialize in equal access to French-language health services in a minority setting. The goal of the partnership is to approve, recognize and promote formal learning opportunities offered by SFF on as a requirement for candidates following the CHE Track to apply to CCHL’s Fellowship Program. The program will include comprehensive training on eQUITY Link, a tool developed by SSF to build competency within healthcare institutions. 

“We’re very happy to be partnering with CCHL to offer classes on eQUITY Link designed to strengthen the ability of healthcare, social, and community institutions to implement safe, high-quality French-language services to better meet the needs of Francophone and Acadian populations in minority settings. The agreement formalizes the strategic partnership between SSF and CCHL and demonstrates that SSF and the networks are committed to promoting recognized leadership in the Canadian health sector,” said Antoine Désilets, Executive Director of SSF. 

Said Brenda Lammi, Vice President of Professional and Leadership Development at CCHL, “Health Leadership Specialties are an exciting new offer for CCHL. They give us the opportunity to work with other great organizations and hopefully influence the lifelong learning of health leaders and the impact they have as they apply what they’ve learned in their work, every day. More broadly, Health Leadership Specialties are a way to keep Canadian health leaders aligned and to strengthen their leadership skills. CCHL recognizes the expertise of SSF and the French-language health networks in providing quality French-language health services.” 

To earn the specialty, Fellowship candidates will be required to complete the eQUITY Fundamentals classes and a selection of the other six elective classes, for a total of 15 hours of online training. The partnership will offer several advantages for candidates following the Fellowship Program’s CHE Track, including a certificate of completion that gives College members 7.5 credits for maintaining their CHE and Fellow designations. Candidates on the CHE Track for the Fellowship Program, the College’s highest professional honour, must complete three Health Leadership Specialties (HLS) in all, including the new Health Leadership Specialty – Access to French-Language Health Services in a Minority Setting.  

For individual leaders, benefits of the CHE program include ongoing leadership training in the health sector, career advancement support, and peer recognition. The designation is also critical to their careers.  

About Société Santé en français 

Société Santé en français is a dynamic national association that promotes the development of French-language health services for Francophone and Acadian minority communities in Canada. SSF brings together 16 regional, provincial and territorial networks that connect partners interested in improving access to French-language healthcare services in every province and territory where French is not a majority language.  

About the Canadian College of Health Leaders 

The Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL), a national member-driven non-profit association, is the connected community that develops, supports, and inspires health leaders across Canada. The College strives to provide the leadership development, tools, knowledge and networks that members need to become high impact leaders in Canadian healthcare. 

Through LEADS, the CHE designation, credentialing, training, conferences, mentoring and a nationwide careers network, we support health leaders in every sector and region, from every professional background and at any stage of their career. 

Located in Ottawa, the College collaborates with 20 chapters across the country and engages with its 4,000 members and 80 corporate members to promote lifelong learning and professional development while recognizing leadership excellence. 

About eQUITY Link 

eQUITY Link is a free online resource for health, social, and community service institutions designed to build competency in French service implementation. The platform provides tools, advice, and strategies to help institutions improve their offerings and services. Users can go at their own pace and consult with subject experts as they work to achieve their set goals. eQUITY Link delivers strategy, support, and seven different classes, all in one place. 

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