CCHL Members can now enroll in automatic membership renewals

June 1, 2021

CCHL members are encouraged to sign up for automatic renewals to simplify the membership renewal process. Each year on December 1st, the membership fees for the upcoming year will be charged to the credit card saved on your file. Members can also save a credit card to their profile as a payment option, to allow for faster checkout on future purchases of webinars and events.

The process is simple.  Log in to the members portal and click “ Manage Payment Methods”.  Click on the + and add your credit card information.  Simply check both boxes:

            1.  I agree to participate in the automatic renewal of my CCHL membership fees.

            2.  Save this credit card to my profile as a payment option to allow for faster checkout
                 on future purchases.

You will receive an email confirmation stating that your credit card has been saved securely on our payment platform. You may see a $1 pending charge in your credit card transactions as part of the card authorization process. This is a temporary authorization charge and it will be voided.

By signing up for automatic renewals, you no longer need to worry if your membership dues are paid up.

On a yearly basis, you will be informed that your credit card will be used for the auto-renewal. You do have the option to update your credit card or remove it if you wish to opt-out of this exercise. Please make a note to update your card when the expiry date changes.

If you have any questions, contact Johanne Featherstone at or call 1-800-363-9056 ext. 223.