CHE: Professional Development Opportunity and Advanced Standing

November 24, 2022

You may be further along in achieving the CHE designation than you realize.

Individuals that have time for professional development have a unique opportunity to take the next step toward their Certified Health Executive (CHE) designation. A LEADS 360 Assessment is one of the four components of the CHE Select Program. If you have already completed this component within the past 18 months, you are exempt from completing it again. In addition to reducing the amount of work required (eliminating a quarter of the work) to receive your CHE designation, you also qualify for a discounted rate of $1,175 on the CHE Select Program. This is a savings of $525!

The CHE Select program represents an extensive journey into LEADS-based leadership development using tools, content, and processes representing current best practices and evidence. Upon completion of the program, participants are awarded the CHE credential, maintenance of which represents life-long learning and ongoing leadership skill development.

Increasingly, health organizations are integrating LEADS into their organizational culture. The CHE Select program is an opportunity for individual leaders, at all levels of an organization and regardless of formal title, to build a foundation of LEADS-based skills and capabilities that enables them to seamlessly enter a LEADS-integrated health organization.

To learn more about the CHE, visit our program’s Advanced Standing web page or contact Stéphane Joannette, Manager of Professional Certifications and Strategic Alliances at .