Healthcare Management Forum – Call for abstracts on ethics in healthcare leadership

January 22, 2024

This article is only available in English.

Healthcare Management Forum is planning a special edition on ethics in healthcare leadership for July 2025.

Authors are invited to submit a 200-word abstract to by April 19, 2024. Abstracts should include a short overview of the proposed manuscript, the intended audience, and key messages for readers. Full articles will be due for peer review by Jan 15, 2025.

The editorial staff will consider the following topics:

  • addressing inequities in healthcare created by funding policies;
  • auditing ethics in healthcare decision-making;
  • balancing needs of patients, staff, and the organization in Canadian healthcare;
  • barriers to ethical decision-making in healthcare administration;
  • beyond the Clinical Ethics Committee – bringing administrative/leadership ethics to life in healthcare organizations;
  • competition (for funding or ratings) among hospitals in a publicly funded healthcare system;
  • conducting research into healthcare leadership ethics;
  • creating SMART ethical leadership goals in professional development plans;
  • ethical dilemmas and the future of Catholic healthcare organizations in Canada;
  • ethical use of technology and/or machine learning in healthcare;
  • using ethical frameworks in organizational layoffs/restructuring;
  • linking leadership ethics to organizational mission and values;
  • making decisions or enforcing policies when organizational, professional, personal values diverge;
  • managing infinite healthcare needs/options with finite tax resources in a publicly funded system;
  • navigating conflicts between a patient’s values and the policies/protocols in healthcare organizations;
  • new ethical issues created by virtual work in healthcare;
  • organizational recovery and learning after a significant breach of ethics;
  • reporting unethical behaviors of colleagues; and
  • strategies for navigating common ethical challenges faced by health leaders.

If your topic does not fall into one of these categories but deals with leadership ethics, ethical decision-making, or ethical issues in healthcare administration, please feel free to submit an abstract. All potential authors will be contacted through e-mail by the Managing Editor.

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